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RupeeManager: A Personal Finance School

How to be a smart investor? Or how to make your employees smart?

RupeeManager is about Lights, Camera & Action steps on Money Management. RupeeManager is designed to facilitate understanding of important financial concepts (Lights), using the right tools (Camera) and taking the right financial decisions (Action).

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  • Rupee Manager Workshops
    RupeeManager workshop is a structured program on personal finance where you will learn all the money skills you require. RupeeCamp would be packed with resources, activities and is totally outcome oriented.
  • Book: Lights Camera Action!
    Lights Camera Action Steps on Money Management is a jargon free book on personal finance. The book helps you get started on how to take the right financial decisions in your life. The book helps you with the math & psychology behind your finances.
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    We will be delighted to know more about your requirements. Please send us your enquiries and your requirements.We will be delighted to provide services that fit your needs. Completely tailor made!
  • Financial planner
    The "Do It Yourself" (DIY) planner helps you understand your current financial situation, set financial goals and analyzes your risk profile before recommending an investment plan


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