IPO of WonderLa Holidays

As the stock market is turning bullish, it is time for IPOs to start launching. You will never hear of an IPO in a bear market as it is impossible to get a good price for promoters in a depressed market.

If you want to research on the upcoming IPO of WonderLa Holidays, here’s two posts that you may find useful:

Deepak Shenoy’s review of the WonderLa IPO

Shiv Kukreja’s review on OneMint

While on stocks and IPOs, you may also like to read Exposing IPO Scams and Behavioral Aspects of investing in Stocks

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How to Setup your Financial System: Part 1

We are in the process of designing a workshop that is aimed at helping you create your personal financial system in a matter of 30 days.how to be smart investor at IIT Patna

We are going to give you an overview of the workshop in a series of posts outlined as under:

Part 1: Overview, Who is it for and the topics that would be covered in the workshop.

Part 2: The problems that the workshop would solve.

Part 3: Lesson plan for each topic mentioned in part 1.

So here’s part 1 of the details of setting up your financial management.

The workshop will be a structured program on personal finance where you will learn all the money skills you require and learn to set up your personal financial system. The workshop would be packed with workbooks, videos and resources to help you become a smart money manager.

Who is the workshop for?

  • The workshop is for young professionals who want an informed & independent advice on managing their money.
  • The workshop is for housewives who have a good sense of money management and can take charge as the money manager of their home.
  • The workshop is for smart people who after attending the workshop can focus on things that matter to them.
  • To reduce money stress and get the freedom to not think of money management all the time!

Topics covered in the workshop:

  • Psychology of Money
  • Playing with Numbers
  • Risk Profile & Asset Allocation
  • Financial Planning
  • Taking Insurance Cover
  • Tax Planning
  • Selecting Investments
  • Setting up your financial system

Times have changed, are you managing money like it was done 10-20 years back? Want to Learn a New & Structured Way of Managing Money?

We also want to be very clear that no selling of insurance, mutual funds, financial products will be done during the workshop.

Are you interested in knowing details of the workshop? What are your expectations from such a workshop? We will wait for your comments below to design a kick ass workshop. Thanks

Thanks for reading. Please check out our financial planning workshops and You can send us email for details about the workshops and book.

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